Careers for Master’s in Communication Graduates

A master's degree in communication opens the door to a variety of career possibilities across many different industries, including business administration, traditional media such as newspapers, radio and television, digital media, marketing, public relations, advertising and government and public affairs.

With such a wide range of job options after graduation, choosing a specialized master's program sets students on the path to their ideal career. Before choosing a master's in communication program, aspiring graduate students should make sure their program will prepare them for the specific career(s) they are hoping to pursue.

What Type of Career Path Can I Take Post Master’s in Communication?

Read on for the most popular careers for graduates of each type of master's in communication program.

Advertising and/or Public Relations

A master's degree in advertising and/or public relations teaches students how to incorporate communications principles and best practices into careers in advertising and PR. A graduate of this type of program may become a public relations executive working to strengthen clients' messaging and reputation in the marketplace and serve as an intermediary between clients and the media. Another popular career choice is as a media planner in an advertising agency, using creative thinking and media analysis skills to ensure advertising campaigns effectively reach their target audience. Advertising copywriters and executives develop creative advertising campaigns for various products and services. With a background in marketing strategy, graduates of these programs may also find jobs in corporate marketing, sales or customer service departments.

Career & Job Titles Include:

  • Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Manager
  • Advertising Sales Representative
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Director of Public Affairs
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Financial Public Relations Associate
  • Marketing Intelligence

Communication & Media Studies

Both mass media organizations and consumer-facing businesses require communications experts for a variety of roles. In the corporate world, many businesses hire communicators to work as internal communications directors, contract negotiators, conflict resolution experts, human resources executives or personnel trainers. In the media world, communications professionals can be content developers, such as writers and editors, research specialists or marketing and promotions executives. Graduates of media communication programs may consider the following career paths.

Career & Job Titles Include:

  • Sales
  • Business Development

Emerging Media

An exciting and ever-changing landscape, a graduate education in emerging and new media prepares students for a variety of careers in the digital world. For example, graduates of these programs may go into mobile marketing, search engine optimization and social media management. They may work for clients in an agency setting or for businesses as part of an advertising, marketing or public relations department. There are also career opportunities in media, as traditional media outlets like newspapers look to increase their presence in online platforms and social media.

Career & Job Titles Include:

  • Media and Communications Manager
  • Manager, Digital and Social Media
  • Media Relations Manager
  • Media Director

Global Communication

As U.S. businesses continue to expand operations internationally, there has been an increase in demand for global communications specialists. Global communications programs teach students how to communicate effectively across cultures and geographic boundaries and prepare them for careers in public relations, corporate communications, marketing and advertising. Sample job titles for graduates of global communication programs include: Global Communications Specialist, Director of Global Communications, International Affairs Liaison and International Media Consultant.

Career & Job Titles Include:

  • Corporate Communications Specialist
  • Development Director
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Major Gifts Officer
  • International Affairs Liason

Health Communication

A master's in health communication prepares students for a career in a healthcare setting, professional communications agency or a non-profit advocacy organization. Healthcare communicators develop and deliver health-related information and messages in their roles as healthcare advertising executives, hospital communication specialists, patient services specialists or healthcare marketing consultants to name a few examples.

Career & Job Titles Include:

  • Public Health Project Coordinator
  • Health Communications Specialist
  • Community Health Advocate
  • Communications Consultant


Journalism master's programs teach students how to write, report, produce, code and publish news stories across various media platforms (e.g., print, broadcast, online and multimedia) to become professional journalists and editors. Broadcast journalists may also work as on-air talent, for instance as a news broadcasters, television reporters or sports announcers. Read more about online journalism masters programs.

Career & Job Titles Include:

  • General News Writer
  • Narrative Writer
  • Marketing Content Writer
  • Editorial Assistant

Mass Communication

The field of mass communication includes possible job opportunities writing for traditional media like newspapers, television or radio. Training in research methodologies can also prepare students for careers in research, conducting consumer surveys and organizing focus groups. Once the data is collected, market researchers analyze and interpret the results to shape future communications messages or product development. Learn more about mass communication masters programs.

Career & Job Titles Include:

  • Senior Media Relations Specialist
  • Public Information Officer

Political Communication

Graduates with a master's degree in political communication are prepared to influence and manage political campaigns as speechwriters, campaign strategists, and political spokespeople. By creating and communicating political information, writing news releases, fundraising and organizing advocacy groups, political communicators are also prepared to take jobs as media consultants, policy makers, political researchers or political consultants for corporations, non-profit or government entities. Learn more about political communication masters programs.

Career & Job Titles Include:

  • Agency Account Executive
  • Campaign Digital Director
  • Communications Manager

Strategic Communication

Career opportunities in strategic communications are available in the business world, government entities, public agencies and non-profit organizations. Graduates of strategic communications programs have a background in communications strategy, planning and evaluation, persuasive communication and advertising and/or marketing theory. They are prepared to enter the workforce as media relations managers, publicists, public relations consultants, advertising campaign managers, marketing officers and corporate communications executives.

Whether your dream is to become a broadcast journalist, Chief Marketing Officer, political campaign strategist or social media content creator, there is a communication dream job waiting for you once you've earned your master's in strategic communications degree.

Career & Job Titles Include:

PLEASE NOTE: This is most definitely not a full list of potential career offerings. The communications industry is expansive in a multitude of avenues prime for growth and advancement. Like any career, your education can only get you so far. You must work diligently, work hard, and make your mark on the world.

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