Relationships 101: 3 Ways a Communications Degree Helps Your Personal Life

Communications, at its essence, is the study of human interaction and expression. Students pursuing a master's in communications seek to understand theories of oral, written and multimedia communication and how to apply those maxims to inform, persuade, educate, and even entertain others.

While a graduate degree in the field certainly can improve your prospects for a higher-paying job and open doors for many professional opportunities, did you know it can also positively impact your personal life?

From Landing a Job to Landing a Date

Communication degree programs are known for equipping students with sought-after skills in speaking, writing, critical thinking, using evolving technology and interacting productively with other people. If you are considering pursuing a master's degree in communications, here are three ways the investment will pay off in relationships with friends, family, and significant others.

  1. You will have exceptional communication skills.

By the time you graduate with a master's degree in communications, you'll have spent years studying the various ways to convey ideas and information through the written and spoken word.

You will become highly skilled at delivering persuasive arguments, encouraging and motivating people around you, and identifying both valuable and credible sources of information. These are life skills that come in handy when you are making decisions and learning new things. They will also help keep your interpersonal relationships running smoothly both at work and in your private life.

  1. You won't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Even if you were born with awesome communication and interpersonal skills, not everything you learn in a communications degree program will fit into your current cadre of talents, and that's a good thing. College is the perfect time to expand your horizons and explore new opportunities and experiences - which is precisely what your communications program will require you to do.

Throughout the curriculum, you will need to develop a skill set that may fall outside your comfort zone. You'll be practicing public speaking, writing media pitches and tracking down sources for a news story. You have to put your ideas out there, and with that comes the risk of rejection. While these tasks might sound a little scary at first, learning to do them is critical. The result of your efforts? You become a more assertive, confident person — qualities that are attractive both in the workforce and interpersonal relationships.

  1. You will become a master conversation starter.

Look at all the portrayals of communication professionals in popular culture, all the books and movies about the ambitious reporter or advertising rainmaker. There's a reason they are recurring roles - careers in communications are interesting! People will love to hear about what you do for a living. What a privilege to get paid for telling stories, digging for the truth and entertaining the masses! Sure, the day-to-day tasks of an ad agency executive or a sales manager might not quite live up to the media hype of Mad Men, but face it — you have a pretty darn cool job.

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